Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Creative Hopes of Starobilsk

The University continues the exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments – 2017”.

The exposition opens up new opportunities for improving the level of regional education, development of scientific capacity and improving the professional competence of teachers of Starobilsk district.

Among the exhibits presented at the event, an exhibition of the House of Children and Youth, which unites talented children, was very interesting for the audience.

The circles “Toys”, “Fashion Design” and “Fashion Theater”, which work on the basis of the establishment, united the pupils of Starobilsk secondary schools.

The graduate of LTSNU Tetiana Kobylyatska together with colleagues heads the circles. Education, which the girl got at our University, became the key to future advances in life and professional self-improvement. Having proved herself as a responsible and diligent student, she found a job by vocation and became a real mentor for many children in the Starobilsk district.

The exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments – 2017” showed the achievements and results of creative activity of pupils of the cultural center, among which one of ten models of the designed clothing collections was present. National traditions of the Ukrainian people are closely intertwined with modern decoration that embodies the unity of generations and respect for the centuries-old aspirations of our ancestors. The costume presented at the educational event was decorated with traditional Ukrainian embroidery with the expressive red necklace and the decorated headdress.

According to the head of the circle, it is the first collection of clothing, but the hard work continues. The children achieved impressive results – they occupied the first place in the International Contest “Zoryana Osin”.

Special attention should be paid to the exhibition of a collection of toys, which was also developed and executed by pupils of the House of Arts. The assets of small masters have Ukrainian dolls (motanki), decorated with traditional national decorations, wooden toys as well as a wide variety of products that embody the magic and fabulous world of childhood.

The development of the state, its integration into the European community, and access to the civilized world arena are possible due to the formation of a talented generation, capable of self-development and self-improvement. Youth of Starobilsk demonstrates high results of work, inspiring each of us to further work and dedication.


Oleg Chernysh, press center of LTSNU

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