Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Talented Youth

The regional exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments” brought together Starobilsk teachers in a common goal – improving the quality of the educational process.

The educational event provided an opportunity for teachers to share their experiences, to establish effective cooperation to address current issues in the scientific work, to present their own methodological developments and achievements. Among the materials presented at the exhibition, products made by the pupils occupied a special place.

Particularly the exposition presented by Polovinkino secondary school was relevant and interesting for the visitors. The teachers of the school presented a great development, including the results of the implementation of projects, patriotic education and partnerships program. The hand-made products by pupils gave the educational theory a unique flavor. Especially works by Alina Kutsenko and Margarita Shein were interesting.

Alina Kutsenko and Margarita Shein – pupils of the second form of Polovinkino comprehensive school of the I-III degree. Recently there was opened the circle “Embroidery”, which is visited by pupils of the elementary school. Despite the fact that girls are the most junior member of the circle, they achieve significant results. Masterpieces worthy of adult artists appeared in small children’s hands.

The girls assure that they are engaged in embroidery with enthusiasm, inspired the manufacture of products. Pupils participate in the All-Ukrainian exhibitions with a great desire, where they receive positive feedback.

According to the class teacher of Alina and Margarita, parents play an important role in the development of girls, constantly supporting them and helping to solve problems. However, the pupils demonstrate good results in their studies and actively participate in cultural and educational activities.

The future of every nation is a generation of modern, happy, talented children who will make efforts for the development of the country and its entry into the international arena. The regional exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments – 2017” continues its activities and demonstrates scientific achievements and outstanding abilities of pupils.


Oleg Chernysh, press center of LTSNU

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