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Lesson in the form of the benefit event

A lesson of the Creative Growth School in the form of a teacher’s benefit event took place in the Starobilsk subdivision of the RCPE of LTSNU.

About 15% of pupils have learning difficulties. The elimination of gaps in knowledge and skills of pupils, prevention of poor performance – a practical task of every teacher. The educational neglect is the cause of student underachievement. It determined the choice of the theme for the lesson of the Creative Growth School, which was held in the Starobilsk subdivision of “RCPE of LTSNU” in the form of the teacher’s benefit event “Organization of Work with Pedagogically Neglected Children in the PTE System.”

Actually, this problem is caused by pedagogical reasons and is eliminated by means of correction with the help of teaching means. The pedagogical neglect means such a condition of the person, which is a consequence of wrong organization of the educational process.

It is due to such factors: deficiencies in the training and practical, social and ethical knowledge of pupils; shortcomings in the development of features and qualities of the person; shortcomings in the acquisition of social roles in society; shortcomings in relationships with others; shortcomings in the implementation of the personality in the pupils group.

During the lesson, they discussed the essence of pedagogical neglect of pupils of teenage age in the didactic aspect and its components.

Teachers O.I. Goldanova, N.V. Khromova, S.P. Kakatsy, L.E. Sirenko shared their experiences of using technology to work with educationally neglected students. Sometimes, a teacher as an educator and a person, ineffective style of his activity, low level of competence and lack of interaction with the students can be a source of problems. They considered the causes of educational neglect and identified the main methods of teacher’s work, importance of the preparation phase for the lesson, where the teacher should carefully think and fix the basic ideas, directions, forms, instructional techniques, which are based on respect for the individual, the belief in his possibility. This attention requires a teacher’s high moral qualities, justice, professional knowledge and, of course, pedagogical competence.

The Head of the Creative Growth School (Methodist N.E. Chistova) held the workshop “Looking for a Solution” by the decision of pedagogical situations and the choice of pedagogically appropriate options.  She presented the optimal system of events for the prevention and elimination of pedagogical neglect of pupils in the professional schools.


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