Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Results of Sportsmen

The Institute of Physical Education and Sports summed up the results of students-powerlifters in 2016.

Physical culture and sports have always been an integral part of student life. They play a significant role in the formation of a human person, a significant effect on the preparation of students for creative work and defense of the Fatherland. A special place belongs to the type of power, in particular, powerlifting as a kind of sport, which most promotes the development of manpower.

Powerlifting refers to young kinds of sport. In our country its history dates back to 1991, when Powerlifting Federation of Ukraine was founded. During last years, powerlifting was able to achieve a high level of development. An important role in this belongs to the students of the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University. Throughout the time, our students are constantly included in the national teams of Ukraine. They are masters of sports of international class, champions and prize-winners of international competitions: Serhii Makrushin, Andrii Ivzhenko, Anna Kadatska, Mykola Barannik, Dmytro Semenenko, and Oleksii Bychkov.

Particularly 2016 was successful for our athletes. It gave us two newly honored masters of sports of Ukraine, the double world champions Dmytro Semenenko and Oleksii Bychkov. Mykola Barannik became a two-time winner of the World Championships. Together, our students became double World Champions in the team competition and won the license for the World Games to be held in the Polish city of Wroclaw from July 20 to 30.

Congratulations to our athletes!


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