Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

State Exams at IPMIT

Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Informational Technologies conducted state exams for magistands of “Computer Systems and Networks” and “Nanosystem Physics” specialties.

These are the future specialists in the field of research and development of computer networking methods and principles. The graduates of “Nanosystem Physics” specialty choose one of the most promising directions of today science for their future profession. Now having received good knowledge they are able to work on problems of study and usage of material properties atomically.

Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Informational Technologies took exams in Kreminna. State attestation included two stages. The first one (on January 24) was a state exam and the second stage (on January 26) was a public defense of master’s thesis.

Institute administration notes graduates’ good grounding. So the students proved their readiness for profession with “good” and “excellent” grades. And those who was not able to come had exams via Skype.

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