Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Celebration of the Ukrainian Unity Day

Students of LTSNU joined the celebration of the Ukrainian Unity Day.

The history of the Ukrainian state has significant dates that became turning points in the national consciousness of our people. The base state, which oppressors for centuries have tried to deprive the Ukrainian nation, acquired quite clear. It becomes primordial purpose of the struggle and aspirations of outstanding figures of culture, science and brave warriors.


Students of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University aware of their own role in the development of the European country, respect the age-old aspirations of our people and direct their efforts to multiply the achievements of the Ukrainian state, its development and decent representation in the international arena. Youth of the educational institution is actively involved in cultural and educational events. Students show respect for the values of the state and are the worthy representatives of the independent nation.

On the eve of the Ukrainian Unity Day, students of LTSNU visited Starobilsk District State Administration, which hosted a historical excursion and viewing the documentary film dedicated to the unification of the UPR and the WUPR. The event was attend by students and pupils of secondary schools of the city.

The Deputy Director for Research Work of the Luhansk Regional Museum T.V. Konovalova made a presentation about the history of the formation of the Ukrainian state. The researcher focused attention on the important stages of the development of our motherland, recalled the sad events and bright victory, which accompanied the Ukrainian people for centuries. At the end of the story, Tetiana Volodymyrivna hoped that the efforts of outstanding compatriots who devoted their lives to the attainment of independence of Ukraine, will be appreciated by the current generation.

The Chairman of Starobilsk District Administration A.I. Garkavy addressed the audience, recalling the tragic events of recent years. He stressed that young people are the creators of the future of our state, and therefore knowledge of history is essential to understanding the contemporary realities.


The twentieth century seems distant and unattainable, but the twists and turns that occurred in the past, closely related to the present. Socio-political situation in the country requires prudence, faith and sacrifice from all of us. Those present at the event observed a minute of silence in memory of the heroes who died in the East of Ukraine and the soldiers, which the state is obliged to freedom and independence. In addition, remembering 1990, when activists formed a human chain from Kyiv to Lviv, youth of Starobilsk united holding hands and once again reminded that the unity is the key to success.

Traditionally during the holiday, they remember the outstanding personalities of Ukraine, who encourage generations, call for struggle and positive change. The event was continued by a flash mob in the central square and laying flowers at the monument to Taras Shevchenko.

The Ukrainian Unity Day is an occasion to reflect on the eternal values, problems that troubled our nation for centuries. The dream, to which historically Ukrainians sought, realized and today the future of our state depends only on us.


Oleg Chernysh, press center of LTSNU

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