Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Graduation Certification

The Faculty of Natural Sciences began the graduation certification.

Students majoring in “Landscape Gardening” of the Specialist’s degree at the Faculty of Natural Sciences were the first to pass the final exams.

On December 22, 2016 was held a successful defense of their graduation projects. All submitted works were protected and had a high methodical and research level and contained interesting practical developments, which can be used directly in production.

As a result of the public defense, graduates received the qualification “Engineer of Landscape Management.”

The graduate department for this specialization is the Department of Landscape Gardening and Ecology of our University. This Department was established in 2001 and this autumn celebrated its small jubilee – fifteen years. “Today it is a close-knit creative team of professionals, which continues to maintain and develop the traditions of the Department, which makes every effort to provide students with the necessary knowledge base – the key to their successful employment.” – The Head of the Department, Academician Anatoly M. Shevchenko told.

Their alumni respect and love their Department. For example, a graduate Serhii Ivanov said: “During education at the University I received high quality professional training, which gave me the opportunity to do what I like and become the owner of a small farm.”

The Department of Landscape Gardening and Ecology is a graduate department for two more specialties –”Forestry” and “Ecology”.

We wish our alumni success and successful employment!


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