Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The Meeting of the Academic Council

A regular meeting of the Academic Council was held at LTSNU.

Two main issues were considered on the agenda:

  • the state of preparation and implementation of international scientific and educational projects of the University;
  • the University budget for the fiscal year 2017.

I.V. Migovych spoke about the state of preparation and implementation of international scientific and educational projects of the University. Having heard and discussed the report of the Acting Head of the International Relations Department, the Academic Council noted that the reform of the higher education system in Ukraine at the present stage affects the application of new strategies to universities in their positioning.

Facilitating the participation of students and teachers in international scientific and educational projects is possible subject to availability of the network of responsible for the international activities of the University, who have not only a function of the spread of information about international grants and programs, and can act as a project manager, if necessary.

During the academic year 2016, the International Relations Department presented international educational programs, among which the most financially well-off can be identified as follows:

  • Fulbright Program (education in American universities from one to two years to obtain a Master’s degree);
  • DAAD programs for study and research work in Germany;
  • Student exchange program UGRAD (provides an opportunity for Bachelor students of full-time form of education to study at US universities for one academic year).

Besides international programs funded by foreign foundations and organizations, there are a number of programs that operate under agreements with foreign universities. LTSNU is a member of the Consortium of Universities according to the Program ERASMUS + KA 1. Learning Mobility.

Despite the achievements, it is necessary to work on improving the efficiency of implementation in LTSNU internationalization strategy due, in particular, support the international scientific and educational projects.

T.P. Berezhna spoke about the university budget for the fiscal year 2017. Having heard and discussed the report of the Chief Accountant of the University, the Academic Council noted that according to the estimates of revenues and special fund expenditures for 2017 the income would be at the level of 2016.

The priority areas of spending should be the following items: salaries of teachers and employees; payment of utility services; travel expenses; overhaul and repair; research and methodological support of the educational process; purchase of computer, office equipment.

There are the costs of financial assistance to students-orphans, university financial aid to veterans, trade union of teachers and staff, costs of health and safety and the organization of the student government.


The Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work D.V. Uzhchenko spoke about the competitive affairs. The scientists for the positions of Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Heads of Departments and Professor of the Department of Political Science and Law were elected by secret ballot.

Among the miscellaneous were approved the annotated reports of research works, theses topics. The monograph and teaching manual were recommended to publication.


Oleg Chernysh, press center of LTSNU

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