Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Futsal Tournaments

The University held Futsal Tournaments.

At the initiative of the Department of Physical Education and the Sports Club was held “New Year Tournament” in which teams of the Institute of Commerce, Serving Technology and Tourism, Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technology, and Institute of History, International Relations and Social and Political Sciences determined a winner.

Here the team of ICSTT first won IPMIT with a score of 5:3, and then beat the team of IHIRSPS with a score of 9:3. The Institute scored 6 points and rose to the first place. The teams of IPMIT and IHIRSPS met in the fight for second place. Students of IPMIT played more confidently; they opened the score in the third minute and then scored eight more goals to opponent’s gate, conceding six goals in their gates.

The victory in the match with a score of 9:6 took IPMIT to the second place. The “historians” finished the third.  The best scorer of the tournament was Dmytro Tsyganok with five goals.

On December 23, four teams participated in another New Year Tournament “Cup of Santa Claus.” In addition to the familiar teams of IPMIT and ICSTT the teams of the College of LNU and IPES expressed their desire to compete for the Cup. Despite the cool, hot battles were going on the playground in the gym.

The teams of IPES and College of LNU are considered the favorites of the tournament, because the combined team of the University is consisted of players from these structural subdivisions. The university team participates in the Futsal Championship of Starobilsk, and after five rounds takes the second place in the standings.

The favourites beat confidently their rivals. The College of LNU won IPMIT with a score of 11:1 and ICSTT with a score of 9:1. The team of IPES was more modest and won IPMIT – 9: 3 and ICSTT – 6: 2. Teams of IPMIT and ICSTT tied 3-3 and the result with the best goal difference put the students of the Institute of Commerce, Serving Technology and Tourism on the third place.

The final game of the tournament – College of LNU against IPES.  Youth against senior colleagues. In the University Championship held in September, students of Physical Education celebrated the victory. How it will be this time?

From the first minutes of the match was evident advantage of youth. They were active, more ball possession and attacked through their rivals. Serhii Hurda kept their gates shut for a long time. But on the eleventh minute output of the gate of Eugen Korochansky – and the ball in the gates. The first half was 1:0 in favor of the College of LNU.

With such a game s score may change at any time in favor of one or the other team. The second half began with IPES attack, and Serhii Hurda completed it with accurate shot from midfield and the balance restored. It was the impression that young people “wavered”. Within three minutes students of Physical Education were able to send the ball into the rival’s gate several times. The final blows of Artem Skachkov, Mikhaylo Nosal, Maksym Reshetnyak were beat by the goalkeeper Maksym Popov or flew off target.

Withstanding the onslaught, the College players began to play so fast and sure that more experienced players confused and within seven minutes missed five goals in the gate, losing with a score of 6:1.

It is necessary to note a beautiful goal of Maksym Popov, who hit the ball from his gate into the “nine” of the gate of students of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports. The winner of the “Cup of Santa Claus” was the team of LNU College.


P.V. Yaroshenko,
the Chairman of the Sports Club

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