Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Decade of a Profession

From November 14 to 23, a decade of a profession took place at the RCPE of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University.

The annual decade of professions “Office Worker” (with subjects: English language and Economy) is organized with the purpose to improve the professional competence of teachers in the framework of the plan of scientific and methodical work, to develop the cognitive and creative activity of students of Starobilsk Department.

Holding decades allows including the interesting and innovative technologies into the educational process, improving the organizational quality of the teachers and students’ ability, developing the cooperation of teachers and trainers. It is the ability to obtain information about the dynamics of the professional level of teachers and the personal development of students. The content of the decade aimed at informing students about the achievements of science and technology, the implementation of long-term objectives.

Within the decade there was organized a meeting of students with representatives of the commercial bank, where the Head of HR I.G. Smoliy spoke about the benefits and opportunities for employment of students in CE “PrivatBank”.

Students were invited to go online practice in Privatbank. Students of all specialties can go on-line practice; remote practical training at any time and from anywhere in the world is very convenient; a certificate with the results of the practice is an official document that can be presented at any higher educational establishment. The bank offers the best trainees a job. The website for practice – practice.privatbank.ua

The chosen theme “The Budget. The Family Budget” combined lessons on subjects “Accounting”, “Fundamentals of Economics” and “The English language”. The lessons on the fundamentals of the economy on the theme “The Family Budget” provides for certain factors that affect the structure of reference households, as well as enabling the development of a personal budget; formation of the economic thinking, familiarity with the programs for the conduct of the family budget Money Tracker Home Bookkeeping Family 10.

The lesson “Money in Our Life” in English continued to deepen students’ knowledge about money in our lives, shaping skills to express their opinion, the development of competence of students in the area of the origin of money, their importance in human life and the state as a whole.

Also within the decade students and teachers of the department were proposed to watch the movie “The Money Magic” to deepen and consolidate the existing theoretical knowledge in subjects, disciplines, sectors of the economic science.


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