Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The Meeting of the Academic Council

Today LTSNU held a regular meeting of the Academic Council.

Two main issues were considered on the agenda:

  • features of work of the university colleges for national and patriotic education of students in modern conditions;
  • the system of internal quality assurance at the University.

I.S. Koteneva spoke about the work of the university colleges on the features of the national-patriotic education of students in modern conditions.


Having heard and discussed the report of the Chairman of the Social and Humanitarian Work Commission, the Academic Council noted that the university colleges carry out considerable work on the national-patriotic education of students, which is justified by modern public documents, programs and regulations of the University. The system of events aimed at the development of respect and love for the history, culture and traditions of the Ukrainian people, the formation of citizenship, patriotism, national ownership, study and popularization of Ukrainian language and Ukrainian people’s achievements in the student environment.

The analysis of the state of the national-patriotic education in colleges of the University allows concluding that this work is carried out at a sufficient level and is reflected in particular in the social and humanitarian work. There was introduced a number of different events, which meet modern conditions and forms of activity of the college students.

At the same time, the organization and content of social and humanitarian work of colleges on national-patriotic education have certain problems that need to be solved.

M.A. Semenov made a report on the system of internal quality assurance of education at the University. Having heard and discussed the report of the Head of the Educational-Methodological Department, the Academic Council mentioned that Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University is a perennial leader in Ukraine and in the region for the formation of the university system of the education quality management. Prior to the conflict in the East of Ukraine at the University was created a system of the educational process management, which was developed in accordance with the recommendations of the European University Association.

The standards of the education quality assurance set the framework requirements for the development of the educational programs and the organization of the educational process, its resource support for the process of forming the goals and content of education, quality of the teaching staff, the practical training of future specialists for professional work, adaptation of the first-year students, monitoring the quality of higher education, which will enhance the quality and ensure the competitiveness of the university graduates and prestige in the European educational space.

In spite of the conditions of the forced evacuation, it was possible to keep such elements of quality management system of education at the university, as the system of review of the training content, the system of checking conditions of teachers’ contracts. In addition, regulations on the organization of educational process were revised, the conditions for carrying out the questioning of students were created.

In connection with the amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” and new requirements for quality systems associated with the establishment and functioning of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education should revise the standards for quality assurance.

The Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work D.V. Uzhchenko spoke about the competitive affairs. According to the results of the secret ballot, the scientists were elected to the posts of the Heads of Departments and the Professor of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation and Human Health.

The Academic Council approved the changes in the design of the state-recognized diplomas, which the Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work O.S. Meniailenko told about.

Among the miscellaneous were approved theses of LTSNU graduates.

Oleg Chernysh, press center of LTSNU

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