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Workshop for ESP teachers!

On the 18th of November, the workshop for ESP teachers was held on the topic «ESP course of the 21st century university: how to design».

The workshop for ESP teachers was dedicated to new approaches of English teaching in the 21st century university. The materials of this workshop were received as the result of teachers participation in the British Council project “English for Universities”, which was conducted by Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Romance and Germanic Philology Department Sergeeva Ye. Viktoria and postgraduate student of the Oriental Languages Department Shchableva M. Anastasiia.

During the workshop teachers of the foreign languages faculty found out about:

  • skills of the 21st century student;
  • the differences between traditional and learner-centered approach;
  • the particularities of “English for specific purposes” course (ESP);
  • research methods of the future professional sphere of different specialties students and  analysis of their needs in using English.

During the workshop, the atmosphere of openness, mutual support and goodwill was dominated.

“The held event was organized in the framework of one of the four projects, that in 2016 LNU started with British Council”, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Romance and Germanic Philology Department and at the same time the Head of the University International Department Mygovich V. Iryna noted. “All the projects are aimed at developing the professional skills of teachers and students. An example of such project was the workshop on the designing of ESP course at the University of the 21st century ”.

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