Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Festival of Student Talents

The university held a festival of student talents “Hello, We Are Looking for Talents.”

The active student youth is the key to successful development of the state, future achievements and victories. Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University carries out upbringing and educational activities, creating individuals who are able to think objectively, to develop creatively and to improve.

It is to demonstrate the creative abilities of students, formation of respect for the cultural and educational activities at LTSNU the competition “Hello, We are Looking for Talents” was held.

During the preparation for the event, young students showed solidarity, activity and creativity that are essential characteristics of the modern person. Having developed ideas for performances, the students under the supervision of the Center of Culture and Leisure, carefully prepared in order to represent their structural division at a high level. “We’ve been looking for an idea for a presentation and choosing the required performances for a long time. Positive emotions accompanied us throughout the preparation, this celebration united us and we are determined to continue the creative work on the stage of the University”, – Karina Deniskova, the first year student of the Educational and Research Institute of Commerce, Serving Technology and Tourism told.

The most pressing and painful for each viewer became a song by Danylo Pivovarov “Thank you, veterans”. The present people honored the memory of those who died for the freedom and independence of our country, recalled the terrible events of the war that began burning memory for every Ukrainian. Lyrics are a symbol of hope and confidence in victory.

No less impressive were choreographed performances of students. Both modern and folk dances were performed with great enthusiasm and fervor, symbolizing the unity of generations and respect for the centuries-old traditions.

The acting abilities and the humorous part of the holiday were not ignored. The students focused on the eternal problems of concern to young people with love and irony, and surprised the audience with a creative talent.

Among the talents that were demonstrated at the event, were singing performances, playing guitar, poetry recitation. The holiday became a symbol of the spiritual unity of the University and confidence in the future.

The most exciting part of the event was the awarding of the best students in various categories. With the support of the Primary Trade Union Organization of LTSNU students, who showed activity, creativity and creative approach to the organization of the event, were awarded with prizes.

Conducting cultural activities contribute to the spiritual enrichment of the students, their creative growth and professional self-improvement.

Oleg Chernysh, press center of LTSNU

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