Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Session for Geographers

The Faculty of Natural Sciences held a session for geographers, which took place from October 14 to 20 in the city of Kreminna.

Despite the lack of time, the work took place rapidly – in two shifts. Lectures, practical studies, pilot testing, consultations continued from morning till night. In addition, the first-year master students were offered topics master’s works, the consultation with supervisors were held and individual plans of fulfilling their master’s research were drawn up.

The second year master students had the procedure of public overcurrent of already completed their master’s works. Future specialists received guidance and clarification on the passage of the production and pedagogical practice.

Not only the academic work, but also the joy of meetings, new friendships and informal communication – all this is that the students get, coming to the session.

This year were even more geographers. Traditionally, students become a part of the geographical community only after the “dedication”. Therefore, freshmen felt special attention because during the “dedication to geographers” they had to demonstrate certain skills, ingenuity and creativity, to feel the specifics of the chosen specialty. Every year senior students come up with something new for beginners, but orienteering, geographers’ oath, faculty anthem and other favorite songs with a guitar are mandatory elements of the “dedication.”

The Department of Geography is one of the oldest at the University. In 2016, the Department staff celebrates the 80th anniversary.


On the occasion of this date one of the most experienced teachers of the Department – Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor Oktiabrina O. Kiseleva was awarded with the Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The award coincided with the birthday of Oktyabrina Oleksandrivna.

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