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The latest technology

The latest technology of learning foreign language

On the Faculty of Foreign Languages a round table, which was dedicated to the linguistic technology of the 21st century, took place.

On October 13th, 2016 in Poltava on the Faculty of Foreign Languages а round table on the topic “Linguistic technology of the 21st century” occurred. The event was attended by students and masters of specialities “English Language and Literature”, “German and English Language and Literature”, “French and English Language and Literature”, “Spanish and English Language and Literature”, the teachers and the Head of the Romance and Germanic Philology Department.

Actually, the scientific seminar was dedicated to the development of linguistic technology and some teaching methods, that’s why it was mostly about how to make learning process more interesting for pupils, and also about writing of scientific works – a very important topic for students. The Head of the Department S. Shekhavtsova in her speech emphasized that successful scientific work has two main criteria – the right choice of a topic and the right choice of a supervisor.

Also students and masters of the speciality “English Language and Literature” advocated with their presentations and reports at the round table. Especially listeners liked the 4th year student “English Language and Literature” A. Yakunina presentation about the implementation of comics in the educational process, particularly in the study of euphemisms in English language, because, firstly, it is new and not boring, and secondly, such methods are good because they allow you to explain your pupils a serious topic in an interesting form, so who does not like comics?

The round table was interesting and informative for students, and perhaps some of them will use one of the technologies discussed today in order to transfer knowledge to their students.

And even if not – anyway such seminars let us see that despite all problems our university lives, students work on new and new themes in their scientific works, and Romance and Germanic Philology Department is the same great circle of friends and colleagues who share a common interest – to learn foreign languages and to teach them to others.

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