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Honouring the Memory of Ivan Franko

The Regional Centre for Professional Education of LTSNU honored the memory of Ivan Franko.

On September 27, the teachers of Ukrainian language and literature M.A. Sergienko and A.S. Ploskonos held a student’s conference “The Spirit That Tears the Body to Fight” in order to promote comprehensive development of creative abilities of students, to learn more about the life of Ivan Franko and raise feelings of pride for Ukraine, for its national genius, inculcation of love to national culture, the desire to be real.

Students learned more about the life and work of Ivan Franko, had the opportunity to demonstrate speaking skills, prepared a message on various topics. Each of the participants received a postcard “15 facts about Ivan Franko needed to be known” and a certificate.

Students noted that Ivan Y. Franko was a spiritual program and an invaluable treasure that will never dry out.

Franko called on the people to fight for freedom and truth, for the happiness and dignity with great fervor. The writer created more than five thousand works, which entered the golden fund of not only Ukrainian, but also of world literature.

Such events are extremely important to carry out in a difficult time for our country’s history, as it educates patriotism. Therefore, our task is to remember the people who contributed to the formation of our Ukraine.

According to the information of the Starobilsk Department

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