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Psychological help

The psychological assistance to servicemen was held on the basis of the Center for Psychosocial Adaptation.

The postgraduate students of the Educational and Research Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of LTSNU A.A. Nazmiev began a series of psychotherapy sessions with soldiers on the basis of the Center for Psychosocial Adaptation in the city of Starobilsk.

Thus, according to the Research Center of the Humanitarian Problems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 80% of Ukrainian troops involved in anti-terrorist operations, as a result of the intensity of fighting and the long residence time in the ATO zone received psychological traumas. Therefore, the military requires deliberate psychological help to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder.

The purpose of the first class of therapeutic group was the acquisition of skills for psychological recovery and stabilization of the mental and emotional state.

So, the first step has been taken – with the help of the biographical method and integrative model of overcoming the crisis and stress conditions – BASIC Ph.

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