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Peace on Earth, Peace in Ukraine!

Today, the event dedicated to the International Day of Peace “Peace on Earth, Peace in Ukraine!” was held for students in the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology.

This day is celebrated all over the world. It is set by the UN General Assembly resolution on November 30, 1982. Since 2002, the International Day of Peace is celebrated annually on September 21.

The UN General Assembly declared that the Day of Peace will be celebrated as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence, and invited all states and nations to respect the cessation of hostilities during the day.

In 1986, on this day at the initiative of the peacemaker and philosopher Sri Chinmoy a symbolic March of the Peace was held for the first time.

Now, every year on International Day of Peace, people in more than 100 cities around the world participate in the march, expressing unconditional support for peace in the world.

The participants of the procession carry flags of the United Nations and their country.

In 2014, Marches of Peace in many cities around the world were dedicated to the peace in the east of Ukraine, the protests against the war in Ukraine. Today the Procession will be held in some cities of Ukraine.

It is an occasion for us to think about the peace for us, our families, native Luhansk region, Ukraine.

If earlier wishes of peace were banal and commonplace in our toasts, greetings to the birthday, various festivals, but now the word of peace for every one of us is very important. It causes inner experiences, the memories of the experiences in 2014, the losses that brought us modern war.

Director of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology O.L. Karaman and deputy director for social and humanitarian work V.F. Pushko told the students about the history of the Day of Peace, about real events that occurred in the city of Hiroshima after the explosion of the atomic bomb; girl Sadako, who was fighting for her life and made peace cranes; events in Luhansk in 2014; evacuation of the University and others.

The first year students watched videos “In memory of Luhansk” and “Ukraine Is Above All”, commemorated a minute of silence.

In addition, the students were divided into groups and draw the pictures “Peace in the Eyes of Students”. All of them were touching and patriotic.

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