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Participation in Training

Students of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology participated in the training to develop the skills of constructive interaction with the police in the ATO zone.

The training took place at the Center for Psychosocial Adaptation of Starobilsk, where teachers and graduate students of the Institute work.

On this day, the Center was a real sell-out! As they say, it was packed! The training was organized by the Center and the Charity Foundation “East-SOS”.

Our students could not refuse such a unique offer! Many people have experience of crossing checkpoints and communicate with law enforcement officers. This interaction can take place both positively and negatively. The training helped our students to study all about the features of communication with the police in the area of the ATO, how to protect their rights and to avoid illegal arrest.

In addition to students a lot of people including volunteers, visitors, even citizens gathered at the Centre. That’s why they sometimes have to deal with the problem of registration permits, passes the “boundaries” and others.

On this occasion, teachers and students of the IPP invited all the present to study at the University.

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