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The Results of the Admission Committee

The admission committee of LTSNU sums up the first results of the entrance campaign.

On July 27 the reception of applications and documents for full-time training, which is the basis for obtaining a certain level of higher education is being finished. The educational process involves personal contact of teachers with students, provides the deep system knowledge and sustainable skills.

In accordance with the legislation, full-time students are eligible for the state guarantees: scholarship support, accommodation in a hostel, a deferment from the military service, etc.

The university admission committee assists applicants in completing electronic applications and provides advice regarding aspects of passing entrance examinations.

Compared to the last year the number of applicants increased, due to the hard work of the Pedagogical University team, providing the possibility to enter  the university for entrants from the occupied territories, as well as an invitation to train for soldiers, who are now in the zone of the ATO.

On July 20, the admission committee began accepting applications for correspondent form of education, which combines the features of self-education and full-time study. Deadline for documents from persons who are eligible to pass the entrance examinations will end on August 12 and from persons who do not pass the entrance exams and do not pass creative competitions – on August 20.

“The educational center “Donbass-Ukraine” continues accepting applications for full-time training for the funds of individuals and entities. Now the admission committee makes the rating list of applicants and continues the enrollment to the correspondence form of training. At the moment, enrollment ofapplicants is not yet complete, the final results are summed up,” – the executive secretary of the admission committee Y.I. Yurkiv told.

In general, according to the Vice-rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work D. V. Uzhchenko the entrance campaign is successful; a significant number of applicants came to us.

Today will be the publication of the rating list of applicants for full-time training.


Press center of LNU

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