Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Reception of Documents

Today, the admission committee of LTSNU has started receiving documents.

During the academic year the admission committee held the active work on informing students and the public concerning admission to our university, provided advice on the choice of profession according to the abilities, inclinations and level of training of the applicants.

This year the university entrants from the occupied territories got the opportunity to enter LTSNU for the first time. In this regard, there was created a subdivision of the admission committee of LTSNU – the educational center “Donbass-Ukraine.”

Admission guarantees accommodation in a hostel, which has all the necessary conditions for living and recreation.

The essential difference between the present entrance campaign is that the applicants apply for admission only in electronic form. This creates some difficulties, but employees of LTSNU provide the necessary assistance to applicants.

Now a sufficient number of graduates, including residents of the ATO zone and the occupied territories of Luhansk region, submitted documents for entrance.

“The number of budget places in comparison with the previous year has been increased this year, which is a prerequisite for the successful enrolment of students”, – the director of the College of LTSNU N.V. Motunova mentioned.

The admission committee of LTSNU invites to our university students ready for diligent and creative training for further self-realization and career growth.


The admission committee is located at:
92703, Gogol Sq., 1, the city of Starobilsk.
Phone: +38 (097) 446 88 13, +38 (095) 40 777 27
E-mail: luguniv.info.edu@gmail.com
www.luguniv.edu.ua (“For University Entrants” tab).


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