Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The formula for success of the IPP

The Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology is one of the largest structural subdivisions of LTSNU.

In 2016, the Institute announces the enrollment and invites to training on educational degrees of bachelor, specialist and master on specialties:

  • Social Work (Social Pedagogy. Applied Psychology)
  • Pre-school Education (Correctional Education (Speech Therapy))
  • Elementary Education;
  • Primary Education (Ukrainian Language and Literature);
  • Special Education (Speech Therapy. Special Psychology)
  • Special Education (Oligophrenopedagogics. Special Psychology)
  • Psychology;
  • Higher School Pedagogy.

Educator, teacher, psychologist are ancestral professions, which have always been, are and will be in demand by society because of their purpose – education, training and personal development from a very early age; transfer of knowledge and experience from one generation to another; help the individual to achieve inner and outer harmony, satisfaction of spiritual and cultural needs and the needs of self-realization for the continuation of the human species, the development of material and spiritual culture, the progress of science and technology.

Now the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology carries out the educational process for full-time, correspondence and combined (part-distance and absentee-distance) forms of study.

The main activity directions of the structural subdivision is training, socio-humanitarian and scientific work. Students have the opportunity to continue their studies at post-graduate and doctoral studies for obtaining the scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science.

An important part of the functioning of the Institute is the work of the student government: the Student Directorate, the Student Dormitory Council, The Student Trade Union Organization and the volunteer group “Trizub”.

The student life is full of a various educational and scientific events: International, national and regional scientific and practical conferences and competitions of students’ scientific works, Olympiads, Dedication to Students, Health Days, Miss Aerobics, contests, festivals, calendar holidays. They carry out a constant socio-psycho-pedagogical assistance to various categories of customers in the Luhansk regional branch of the International Charitable Organization “Charitable Foundation “SOS Children’s Village” (Starobilsk, Severodonetsk), Center for Psychosocial Adaptation (Starobilsk).


  • Page of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology in the net Vkontakte: vk.com/lnu_ipp;
  • Phone of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology:  +38 (050) 862-88-25.

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