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Institute of Economy and Business continues to prepare for the new academic year.

The history of the development of the structural subdivision begins since 2001, when the Institute of Economy and Business was created on the basis of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.

On the basis of the Institute, nine new specialties and five specializations were opened, that was the basis for the opening of two new subdivisions: the Institute of Information Technologies and the Institute of Trade, Customer Services and Tourism.

There was formed the teaching staff including scientific and pedagogical workers, Doctors, PhD, senior teachers and assistants to train specialists.

Soon, a branch of the Institute of Economics of Industry of Ukrainian NSA was created, which works on the theme “Management of Development of Old Industrial Regions of Ukraine in Terms of the Output of the Transformational Crisis”.

Now the Institute of Economy and Business has a number of students and provides training for degree “Bachelor” in the following specialties: “Economics”, “Finance, Banking and Insurance”, “Marketing”, “Management” and “Professional Education”. Students also have the opportunity to study at the educational and qualification levels of specialist and master. The quality of the educational process is provided by a combination of full-time study and e-learning, which opens up new opportunities for both students and teachers.

After completion of training graduates of the Institute of Economy and Business have job opportunities: higher education institutions, auditing companies, divisions of the National Bank of Ukraine and commercial banks, the market of financial services, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, economic departments of enterprises, enterprises of different ownership forms, public institutions (state tax inspectorate, the management of public administrations, the financial management of local authorities, the state Treasury, the Pension Fund management).

One of the graduates of the Institute is Konstantin Polkin. Now he works at the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. He, like his friends, always lovingly recollects his student years. “Hereby the pointer in my life was the Institute of Economy and Business. Hard work, attention to each student and a powerful scientific potential provide opportunities for self-realization and career growth of everyone who joined your life with this Institution “, – Konstantin said.


Oleksandr Kshevinsky also was educated at the Institute of Economy and Business of LTSNU. According to him, it became the basis for further success in life and professional development.

Today, the teachers of the Institute are actively engaged in professional work in order to increase students awareness of learning especially in the structural unit. Guided by the best international and domestic traditions, modern principles and the latest trends in the development of educational services, the Institute of Economy and Business is an important structural subdivision of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University.

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