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Educational Center “Donbass-Ukraine”

On July 1, 2016 the educational center “Donbass-Ukraine” was opened at LTSNU for the first time.

The educational center “Donbass-Ukraine” is a subdivision of the admission committee of LTSNU, which was created in order to assist school leavers from the ATO zone and the settlements located on the line of contact as well as internally displaced persons in obtaining higher education.

The ceremonial opening of the center was attended by the Deputy Chairman of Starobilsk State Administration E.A. Grigorenko, Head of the Education Department of Starobelsk District Administration E.A. Ivashkina, Rector of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University S.V. Savchenko, Vice-Rectors, directors and deans, teachers, staff and students of LTSNU.

The main functions of “Donbass-Ukraine” educational center are:

  • counseling and assistance in obtaining the necessary documents;
  • promotion of the annual evaluation and the state final examination;
  • organization of the applicants’ documents registration, entrance examinations to a higher educational institution and providing recommendations for admission to a higher education institution or a professional school;
  • promotion of accommodation in the university hostel at the time of the passage of the annual evaluation, the state final examination and entrance examinations;
  • assistance to obtaining identity papers.

“The opening of the educational center is an important event for school leavers from the occupied territories. At the educational center “Donbass-Ukraine, persons living in the area of the ATO, residents of the settlements located on the line of contact, and internally displaced persons will be able to pass the state final certification, to obtain the necessary documents for admission to the University and pass the entrance exam for training in the universities “, – the Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work D.V. Uzhchenko mentioned.

The educational center “Donbass-Ukraine” works from 01.07.2016 till 20.09.2016 at the address: educational building number 1, Gogol Sq., 1, Starobilsk.

For more information, please call: 0507671066, 0960231434, 0999444268, 0937791554, 0954077727, 0974468813.

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