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Scientific-Practical Conference

Several months ago, the scientific-practical conference “Organization of Work with Students with Low Motivation to Study” took place.

The scientific-practical conference “Organization of Work with Students with Low Motivation to Study” was held on the basis of Starobilsk department of Regional Center for Professional Education of LTSNU.”

The conference was held with the participation of teachers of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology in April 2016.

Motivation for learning is one of the main conditions for the implementation of training – educational process. It not only contributes to the development of intelligence, but also is a driving force behind the improvement of a person as a whole. In preparation for the conference, monitoring student performance was conducted as well as levels of diagnosis and determination of the type of learning motivation of students for courses, surveys among students of educational needs.

Formation of students’ motivation to the educational and cognitive activity is one of the main problems of modern education. The purpose of the event was to organize the work of the teaching staff, to direct it towards the successful assimilation of the basic level of education of students with low motivation. That is why the participants considered reasons for poor progress, motivation secrets to study and stimulation of cognitive activity of students. There were represented forms and methods of work with students through a differentiated approach, implementation of interactive technologies in teaching and production process.

The creation of developing space in which the organization of teaching and studying, research activities of students is realized taking into account attitudes. It is possible with the fruitful cooperation of teachers with specialists of psychological services. During the event, the training “How to Teach to Study” was held.

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