Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

World Record

On May 28, LTSNU joined to set a world record for an English lesson.

Ukrainians across the whole country united in an attempt to overcome the Guinness world record and have the biggest lesson of the English language in the world. Within 35 minutes, 5977 people in 56 cities and 93 rooms of Ukraine held the same English lesson at the same time. We did not have 311 members to break this record!

This unprecedented event was a great success for all Ukrainians, from Mariupol to Odessa and Lviv in support of the Year of English and demonstration of united Ukraine. Teachers, students, the elderly and young people have demonstrated their national dignity. #UAspeakingEnglish Hashtag has become one of the major hashtags in Europe on May 27th!

The most important thing – we have learned some lessons from this experience and made sure that we can overcome this record. Ukraine intends to make a second, final attempt at the end of this year to complete the Year of English. We invite each Ukrainian to join us.

The team GoGlobal and the Embassy of the United States of America noted the participation of our University with the Certificate for the fact that we supported the idea and joined the lesson on May 28th.


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