Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Graduate Certification for Alumni

The comprehensive specialty exam, the defense of diploma and master’s works took place at the Department of Production Technology and Professional Education.

The certification was held from June 21 to June 23, 2016. Graduates of the educational qualification of “Bachelor” passed the comprehensive specialty exam and defended their thesis projects. Specialists defended the diploma projects and master’s theses, graduates defended the master’s theses.

In general, 101 students of specialty “Technological Education”, “Professional Education. (Vehicles)”, “Professional Education. (Technology of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products)”, “Professional Education. (Technology of Light Industry)”, “Professional Education. (Food Technology)”, “Professional Education. (Consumer services)” of full-time and correspondence forms of training were admitted to the certification of graduates.

Graduates of the Department showed a high level of training. All of them received a positive evaluation. Students of “Technological Education” prepared presentations for the defense. Students of the specialty “Professional Education. (Technology of Light Industry Products)” demonstrated modeled, designed and sewn products themselves during the defense of their graduation projects.

Among the graduates, the best were Denis Kilmeshkin “Technological Education”, Yana Kapustyan “Professional Education. (Technology of Light Industry)”, Sergei Syrovatkin «Professional Education. (Transport)”, Valerii Popelnuha “Professional Education. (Technology of Production and Processing of agricultural Products)”, Anna Khromushina “Professional Education. (Food Technology)”.

Chairmen of the examination board were invited leading experts of relevant sectors of production, which also noted the professional level of graduates of the Department.

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