Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Field Practice

At the end of the academic year, students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences took field practice in the city of Kreminna.

The first year students of specialty “Geography” took the field practice of geology, topography, hydrology and meteorology, and the second year students took the practice of geology, geomorphology and landscape studies.

Field practice is an integral part of training future professionals in Geography. It aimed at consolidation of knowledge and formation of professional skills of observation, using modern devices, performance measurement, documentation, processing and interpretation of the data.

During the topography practice the first year students studied the structure and means of checking surveying instruments, mastered the technique theodolite survey and geometric leveling the ground, secured the skills of processing and interpreting the results of the shooting (filling magazine surveys, calculating data, completed the task on topographic map).

During the field practice of meteorology freshmen visited a weather station in Svatove where they learned about the features of different indicators of meteorological devices, knew about meteorological program and logbook data, self-made measurements and conducted their own observations.

Like last year hydrological objects that were studied during the practice of hydrology, became Red River, Lake Pidpesochne, some wetlands areas. Students made the necessary amount of hydrometric work and hydrological observations, built a profile of Red River. Using the boat they completed the necessary measurements on the Lake Pidpesochne and built the cross and longitudinal profiles.

The purpose of the geology practice in the first year was study of minerals, rocks, modern and ancient geological processes and mineral resources found in the outskirts of Kreminna. Students coped with all the tasks, identified and described 10 minerals and 15 rocks. Based on observations there were documented geological processes: physical and chemical weathering and geological activity of permanent and temporary water flows. It was found that the most common minerals in the area of the practice are coal, sand, chalk, limestone, loess-like loam and others.

During the geology practice, the second year students learned to make descriptions of geological sections, collection and documentation of geological samples. At the mine waste heaps “Kreminska” they gathered a large collection of fossil plants (over 15 species) and animals (about 10 species). The paleontological rest found by students were identified using reference materials. Application of the special method revealed the age of rocks. In addition, students learn to draw a map of Quaternary sediments.

Geomorphological observations were conducted in both the city of Kreminna and far north, near the village of Zhytlovka. There was completed the geomorphological description of the Red River Valley, made up the cross-section and geomorphological map for the specific section on the right side of the river valley. According to the program of the practice of soil science at the same territory, studies of soil, groundwater they drawn a map and a soil profile of the right slope of Red River. The landscape map and landscape profile were compiled for the key section.

Upon completion of the fieldwork student made reports, and then held their defense.


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