Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The Training Seminar

June 18-19 the training seminar was held at the Center for Psychosocial Adaptation.

The training seminar “Metaphorical Associative Cards – The Practice of Working with Families, Groups and Communities During and After the Personal or Social Trauma: The Path to Healing” was held with the support of the student social service of LTSNU.

In extreme conditions, during the war in our country, there is a need to find new ways of overcoming the crisis. Crises are not only the threat of disruption of the internal balance, but also the hidden possibilities of reconstruction and development. The set of cards is a “tool” that help to cope with the effects of trauma. Cards symbolically and metaphorically represent traumatic events and emotional reactions to them, offering images of calm, confidence and healing. The purpose of the metaphorical cards is creative means of healing, which can be used in combination with various other existing approaches.

The event was attended by students of LTSNU (specialties: “Practical Psychology”, “Social Pedagogy” and “Social Work”), practical psychologists of the city and representatives of the public.

The event covered the following topics: the importance of the use of cards for customers and psychologists, features of using card sets during the group work.

The participants learned about various categories of internal resources, which help to deal with the extreme situation, could look at their experience with a new perspective, received advice on the reappraisal of values in times of crisis and choosing the right way to exit.

This event is an important part of the implementation of psychosocial support to victims. It gave the participants the possibility to gain a theoretical basis for work with internally displaced persons.

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