Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Exams and Diploma Course

The state qualifying examination and diploma course were held at the Institute of Trade, Customer Services and Tourism.

On June 9 and 10, 2016, students of specialties “Tourism” and “Hotel and Restaurant Business” passed the state qualifying examination and defended thesis. The results of the state examinations indicated a high level of theoretical and practical training of graduates of the Department.

Among the graduates of the Bachelor degree should be noted works of such graduates of the specialty “Tourism”, as: O.O. Medvedev, A.O. Tkachuk, K.V. Sednev, S.M. Belov and A.Y. Kalinin. Among the bachelors of the specialty “Hotel and Restaurant Business” the works of M.V. Agafonova, V.A. Selina, M.A. Olkhovska, V.V. Polishchuk and A.D. Stepachova were recognized as the best ones.

Theses of the fifth-year students focused on topical issues related to the organization management on tourism enterprises in the hotel and restaurant establishments, the organization of marketing activities (including the organization of marketing, pricing, communication enterprise policies, the improvement of marketing communications, marketing information system and others), research of the current condition and prospects of development of the tourism industry, and hotel and restaurant business in Ukraine and in the world, designing of tour routes and modern establishments of hotel and restaurant business.

During the theses defense the graduates of the Department on specialties “Tourism” and “Hotel and Restaurant Business” proved that they could solve complex professional tasks and problems, work with information sources, present the material, use scientific methods to analyze problems and inform decisions on the subject of professional work, master modern methods of scientific research, use the acquired skills to develop proposals and recommendations on the subject of the study. Kurshuk Anna (specialty “Hotel and Restaurant Business”) and Margarita Kovaleva (specialty “Tourism”) showed the best works.

The staff of the Department of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business was pleased with the results of their works and proud of the graduates of the Department!

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