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Diploma Course

On June 2, a diploma course took place at the Institute of Trade, Customer Services and Tourism.

The diploma course of the fifth year students of specialty “Commodity and Commercial Activities”, the direction of education “Commodity Trade and Business” was held at the Department of Commodity Research, Commercial Business and Products Expertise.

Students defended the current topics with a high level of the validity of results. There was a purpose, an object, a subject and methods of research in every diploma work. The members of the examination committee noted that a strong point of the students’ research works became the professional level of the research as well as the findings and proposals.

The diploma course was held in the multimedia audience. The students’ reports were accompanied by interesting presentations. Almost all students answered clearly the questions of the examination committee members. According to the opinion of the committee members, the best research works were diploma work of A.A. Zueva, O.V. Usik and I.A. Erchenko.

The chairman of the examination committee, Doctor of Economical Sciences, prof. I.V. Zablodska mentioned the high level of professional training of students, scientific and practical value of the presented diploma theses and congratulated all the students on the specialist qualification assignment (specialty “Commodity and Commercial Activities”).

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