Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка


On May 25, celebrations devoted to the creativity of Ivan Nyzovy took place at the Regional Museum of Local History (the city of Starobilsk).

The event was held by the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Social Communication of LTSNU with the support of the Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education, Novoaydar, Svatove, Starobilsk district education departments, Regional Museum, Regional Library named after M. Gorky.

Amon the participants of the celebrations were teachers of Luhansk region: methodologist of the Department of social and humanitarian disciplines and methods of their teaching of LRIPE V.E. Kolodyazhnaya, Head of the Novoaydar district methodical cabinet N.I. Goncharova, as well as teachers of the Ukrainian language and literature of schools and gymnasiums of Starobilsk district, Severodonetsk, Rubizhne, Denezhnikovo, Muratove.

Teachers of LTSNU, as well as students of Starobilsk Humanitarian Pedagogical College attended the event.

All the poetry of Ivan Nyzovy – the autobiography and a part of the country history, which is outlined provisional borders of the poet’s life. Ivan Danylovych was born on January 3, 1942 in Sumy. But the longest period of the poet’s biography is “Luhansk” because in 1966 he moved to Novoaydar district. From this moment his artistic career in Luhansk started.

Present guests remembered his meetings with the famous poet, noted the beauty of his poetic words. Students read poems of Ivan Nyzovy, sang songs. At the end of the event, they held the “Literary byvalschiny” with Starobilsk teachers, museum workers, libraries and teachers of LTSNU.

Lesya Ivanivna Nyzova, a daughter of the famous writer was the guest of honor at the celebration. “Love begins from small things. Nozovy loved his grandmother, his parents, whom he did not see, that piece of land where he was born. And it turned into a great love for the whole Ukraine “, – Lesya Ivanivna said.

As head of the Luhansk Organization of the National Union of Ukrainian Writers in May 1992, Ivan Nyzovy continued to educate both at the regional center and in the provinces, promoting the creativity of the known Ukrainian writers.

“I’m just an honest poet” – the poet said. His poems are full of authenticity and ease, it seems like the author thinks and says by rhymed, clear and simple images. That is why the creativity of this outstanding poet will forever remain in the hearts of Ukrainians and in the memory of grateful descendants.

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