Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The exhibition-competition “Colors are Intertwined as a Rainbow”

The opening of the exhibition “Colors are Intertwined as a Rainbow” took place on May, 18 in the entrance hall of the academic building number 1.

At the ceremony were Pro-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work Oleksandr Babichev, Director of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology Olena Karaman, Deputy Director of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology Vira Pushko.

The purpose of the exhibition was a demonstration of Ukrainian folk traditional embroideries and acquaintance with the contents of patterns – old information sign systems. This event was devoted to the formation of national consciousness of youth, love to the native land, its people, the desire to work for the state, readiness to defend it; providing spiritual unity of generations, respect for parents, mothers, culture and history  of the native people; inculcating respect for the culture, customs and traditions.

The exhibition participants were students, teachers, students’ families, folk embroidery masters, masters of making national clothes, art works from beads and fans of Ukrainian folk traditions from all regions and cities of Ukraine (Starobilsk, Luhansk, Lysychansk, Novoaydar, Markivka, Kostiantynivka, Ternopil, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Odesa).

Finally, on May 19, 2016, during the celebration of Ukrainian National Vyshyvanka Day at LTSNU they announced results of the competition “Colors are Intertwined as a Rainbow” in nominations:

The first place: “Best Vyshyvanka From my Grandmother’s Box”. The executor is Maria Kotilevska (grandmother of the first year student of specialty “Primary Education” Karyna Nikolaenko).

The second place: “Best Beads Wors”. The executor is Victoria Prokopenko, student of Master courses of specialty “Finance”.

The second place: “Pictures of Beads.” The executor is Olena Krut’ko, Deputy Director of the SE “Starobilsk Humanitarian Pedagogical College of LTSNU”.

The third place: “A Series of National Products.” The executor is Svitlana Sharova (mother of the teacher of “Starobilsk Humanitarian Pedagogical College of LTSNU” A.V. Sharova).

The third place: “Embroidered Icons of Mother of God.” The executor is Oleksandra Sharandina (grandmother of the first year student of speciality “Correctional Education” Lina Olijnyk).

Nomination “Holy Icon of Beads.” The executor is Alyona Khudoliy, the 2nd year student of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports.

Nomination “Gifts from Western Ukraine” (collection of towels). The executors are craftswomen from Western Ukraine (the collector is Olena Cherevata, a teacher of College of LTSNU).

Gratitude. Nomination “Easter Towel”. The executors are the 3rd year student of specialty “Computer Work” of College of LTSNU Bulava Olga and her grandmother.

Gratitude. Nomination “Sunflowers.” The executor is Sofia Skipa, 2nd year student of specialty “Primary Education”, College of LTSNU.

Diploma. Nomination “Wedding Towel.” The executor is Kateryna Sikilinda, laboratory assistant of the Department of Social Pedagogy.

Thus, we saw modern competition embroideries that had a deep connection with traditions of folk embroidery, retain their spiritual content and prove that folk art as well as folk song is a great heritage of our centuries-old culture. Our young generation will raise the ability to embroider, wear clothes, have embroidered things, living in the apartment with embroidered interior to a much higher level of national culture. It will play a very important role in the upbringing of their national consciousness. Moreover, their children will grow up proud of their nation, Ukrainian culture and the Ukrainians.

According to the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology

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