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Vyshyvanka with their own hands

On May 19 the results of the university competition among teachers, students and staff “Vyshyvanka with Their Own Hands” dedicated to 10th anniversary of National Vyshyvanka Day were announced.

The purpose of the contest was to preserve and use the embroidery as a unique phenomenon of cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people, promotion of traditional arts and crafts.

During the university-wide flashmob “I Love Ukraine”, the contest participants demonstrated shirts embroidered with their own hands.

The winners in the category “The Best Female Author’s Vyshyvanka” were:

I place – Lyudmila Varyanitsa, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Preschool and Primary Education of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology.


“The idea to create an embroidered short appeared not by chance. When I had to leave the city of Luhansk, I decided to come back home in vyshyvanka. This shirt was making during 2014 – 2016 years. Work on it began in Kiev, and ended – in Starobilsk. The embroidery ornament – poppy flowers, which for me is a symbol of family. Shirt is embroidered with beads of red, green and black colors (total 17 colors were used), “- the mistress said.

II place – Alina Latka, senior laboratory assistant of the Department of Biology of the Faculty of Natural Sciences.


“My grandmother taught me to embroider. At first it was small napkins, then – towels and later a shirt appeared. During the first year of study at the university, I realized that I wanted to create my own embroidered short. At first, I thought that it would be difficult. When the first flower appeared, I could not stop because I wanted to put on “my own” shirt as quickly as possible. Flowers, leaves, mysterious patterns were embroidered on a white canvas during two months. Since then, I always dress it for the holidays, “- the author of the work told.

III place – Anna Sharova, lecturer of Starobilsk Humanitarian and Pedagogical College of LTSNU”.


“This embroidery appeared in spring 2012 and became a start for my serious work. My mother Svitlana Grygoriivna inspired me to make vyshyvanka. She is also engaged in embroidery. Shirt is decorated with a geometric pattern with floral elements, made from cotton floss in the blue tones that symbolize a clean peaceful sky for me,” – the participant of the contest mentioned.

The winners were awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts from the Primary trade union organization of the university.

N. Karlova,
Vice-head of the organizing committee

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