Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

LNU is in Vyshyvanka

Today a beautiful world of folk embroidery has bloomed at Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University.

Teachers, staff and students of Luhansk National University joined the celebration of National Vyshyvanka Day.

This festival is always held on the third Thursday of May – just during working time to emphasize that vyshyvanka is an integral part of Ukrainians’ life, and not just a festive attribute.

A feature of the 10th anniversary of the festival is the event “Born in Vyshyvanka.” According to the event, each child who will be born on that day will receive a gift – his first vyshyvanka.

The staff of our university joined this action. We presented embroidered shirts to newborns in Starobilsk maternity ward. On this festive day, the happy parents of two boys and one girl received wonderful embroidered shirts for their children from students and teachers of LTSNU.

“Today, you have received as a gift a precious treasure that cannot be bought for any money. God has sent you a small miracle, which would become the successor of your glorious family. Your daughters and sons came into the world to give joy and a bright future. We wish them to have a happy, serene and peaceful life”, – Vice-director for social and humanitarian work of the Institute of Economics and Business Kharkivska Svitlana Semenivna congratulated the parents.

They were pleasantly surprised by this initiative of the institution and were happy to “try on” national clothes for newborn Ukrainians.

“I want to thank Luhansk National University, which has always supported such actions and carries them not only within the walls of the institution, and do these activities citywide. Today you have come in our maternity ward and made a real holiday for two boys and a girl. Thank you for this! “- the head physician of the Starobilsk maternity ward Viacheslav Bykov said.

Vyshyvanka Day is a celebration, flashmob, when on weekday Ukrainians dress embroidered shirts to emphasize that it is an integral part of life, not only for important events.

A student of Chernivtsi University Lesya Voronyuk founded the All-Ukrainian action “Vyshyvanka Day” in 2007. In the first year, several dozen of students and teachers put on embroidered shirts. Later this holiday became popular not only in Ukraine, but also on the global level.

Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University also joined the All-Ukrainian flashmob wearing embroidered shirts today. We have demonstrated the unity of the Ukrainian people.

The action “The Native House is in Vyshyvanka” continued the series of events dedicated to this picturesque holiday. One of the academic buildings of the University was decorated with embroidered towels.

All the events that took place at the university, traditionally began with a performance of the national anthem. The contest “The Best Vyshyvanka”, photo contest “My family is in Vyshyvanka,” and an exhibition of embroidered shirts “Colors are Intertwined as Rainbow” aimed at the preservation and augmentation of Ukrainian traditions, culture and history. Each work and photography is a true masterpiece. So, it was extremely difficult for the competition committee to choose the best.

The conclusion of the festival became a university-wide flashmob “I Love Ukraine”. Students created a big heart, which has become a symbol of boundless love for the motherland.

Vyshyvanka is our national pride. Ever since ancient times it is known that embroidered shirt is a symbol of health and beauty, a talisman of happiness and ancestral memory.

We are the Ukrainians, who are united in the great family with love to our native land, our people and the guardian-vyshyvanka.


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