Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Regional Streetball Tournament

The regional streetball tournament devoted to Victory Day took place in the central square of the city of Starobilsk.

The organizers of the tournament and the whole event were the regional organization «Spartak», “STB_Streetball”, the shop «sportikam.com.ua», «CFS: Toloka” with the support of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports of LTSNU and the Department of Family, Youth and Sports of the Starobilsk District Administration.

Competitions were not be expressive without a huge flavor and festive mood coming with music, contests and a raffle prizes.

Starting from 10 o’clock in the morning, the area became brisk, thanks to the rhythms of music in the style of hip-hop and the “grown” basketball ring in the central square, where people began to gather.

Eight teams from Starobilsk, Novopskov, Lysychansk were announced as participants in the tournament. Teams were divided into two groups and played in a circle.

Streetball rules differ from the classic basketball. It is played for 10 minutes or until 11 goals scored.

The teams: “S-Team”, “Avity-Stritbolity”, “The Faculty of LNU”, “Plastilin”, “STB United” (Starobilsk); “Black Hole” (Lysychansk), “N1” (Novopskov) “KOP” (Severodonetsk).

The teams showed beautiful, entertaining and intense basketball. The audience supported participants, and the presenter with the commentator kept the public informed of developments during the competitions.

As a result, the game for the third place between the team “Faculty of LNU” and “Black Hole” ended in victory for the team from Lysychansk. The final game between streetball players from Starobilsk “STB United” and Severodonetsk “KOP” was held as a real final: there were passages of a high-speed ring, long shots, dribbling and slam-dunks.

According to the well-known proverb: “The game will be held rain or shine,” and our final was so. The sunny weather that accompanied the tournament all day, changed to rain in five minutes before the end of the game. Precipitation did not prevent competitors to finish the game, but all the fans hid behind the scene and under the trees.

As a result, Severodonetsk players won the final game. The winners were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes from the organizers.

During the tournament, plenty of contests and prize drawings took place. It should be noted the contest of shots beyond the line of two-points shots for members of the participating teams. Here the player of the team-winner Vlad Rezvy won. He scored 11 balls for 40 seconds.

The winner in the competition for the audience of free throws became Dmytro Sharay.

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