Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The preparatory courses have finished

April 30, 2016 last studies for listeners of the Center for pre-professional education passed.

During the training courses, children not only improved their knowledge and mastered the content of the test tasks in each subject, but also developed working methods and rules of behavior during the External testing.

“I really liked learning courses of pre-professional education. During training, I learned a lot of interesting things and improved my knowledge on many subjects. Especially, I want to highlight the lessons of Ukrainian language. Thanks to Nadiya Semenivna, I began to understand more our mother tongue. In addition, I liked English classes because the teacher Olena Viktorivna explained everything very clearly. I want to wish the University prosperity with all my heart! “- the future applicant and listener of the courses Yulia Dybka said.

Experienced teachers of LTSNU and teachers-methodists of Starobilsk district, who had their own tested methods of training for the External testing and considerable experience at the preparatory department, held classes in our courses. Even after the courses completed, teachers maintain contact with their pupils and give them good advice.

 “Training courses of the pre-professional education is not only good training for the External testing, but also wonderful teachers and good staff. Thanks to the course, I raised the grades in school, because I received valuable knowledge and skills at the university. Moreover, I found many friends here with whom now I support communication. I want to thank all the teachers, especially Nadiya Semenivna, Tatiana Stepanivna and Olena Viktorivna for good training for the External independent evaluation. Thank you for your work and patience! “– Anna Sergienko mentioned.

Training courses is a joint hard work of both teachers and listeners. Attendees of this year were very diligent, active. They attended classes with great pleasure. The knowledge gained in the courses will give them a strong foundation for further studies at the university.

“I liked to study at the training courses. There are very good, friendly teachers. During the studies I learned a lot of new and interesting material. I would like to thank Vovk Svitlana Oleksandrivna and Bondarenko Lina Igorivna who helped me to improve knowledge of their subjects. “– the student of the Center for pre-professional education Vladyslav Lyubarsky told.

At the last classes, all students passed the final tests on subjects and received a certificate of completion of courses and extra points for admission to LTSNU into natural and mathematical, and engineering directions of education.

“I have studied at the courses for almost a year. There are very good and qualified teachers who have helped us to improve our knowledge. Especially I liked the studies with Kolomiets Lyudmila Mykolaivna and Bondar Olena Valeriivna. Thanking to them I am fully prepared to pass the External testing. Thank you for your efforts, “- Verkhovod Victoria added.

Dear listeners, we wish you success at the External testing and admission to the desired higher educational establishment! We hope to see you at our university again.

Center for pre-professional education

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