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Diploma for the originality

A student of the Institute of Trade, Customer Services and Tourism of the Department of Design received a Diploma for the originality of presentation.

A third year student of the specialty “Design (Interior Design)” Angelina Gubska received prize for originality of presentation of her design project in the second stage of the Ukrainian Olympiad in Design.

Becoming a winner in the first stage of Olympiad at LTSNU, Gubskaya Angelina was recommended to participate in the II stage of Ukrainian Olympiad. This year, the second stage to place from April 20 to 22 on the basis of Kherson National Technical University.

The Olympiad Terms provided for the implementation of creative tasks in two stages. The first stage included the development of a formal graphic composition with elements of the relief image on the basis of the proposed fine sculptural plasticity of the Scythian animal style, or a fragment thereof. Based on the analyzed object occurs embodiment compositions of relief elements intended for mining the silhouette of the completely individual parts. The principle of stylization of the object leads to the idea of ​​a new composition that retains the main features of the style.

The second stage included the implementation of the surround layout, as an addition for the planar composition. The main task of the second stage was determining the relationship between areal tectonics and future three-dimensional structure. The sculptural installation, associative-metaphorical image design forms based on the proposed image of small plastic Scythian animal style became a layout. Materials required for the layout were white and colored paper, glass, fabric, different textured materials.

Angelina Gubska shared impressions of her stay in the city of Kherson and the level of organization of the second stage of Ukrainian Olympiad in Design: “Southern city Kherson greeted me very well. Olympiad organizers have created favorable conditions for stay and participation in the competition. They solved to problems with accommodation, explained how to get to the university, and told where to purchase the necessary materials for the job.

The theme of the Olympiad was “Scythian animal style as the inspiration in design.” The purpose of the Olympiad was the opportunity for professional self-affirmation of the students, disclosure of their creative abilities, establishment of friendly relations between the design education institutions of Ukraine, mutual intellectual and aesthetic enrichment, selection of students to participate in international competitions.

During the Olympiad, I had the idea to create a lamp in Scythian style. They provided a mirror image as an analogue. Having reviewed and analyzed it, I took a few clauses and sketch solutions with the maximum degree of stylization. The substrate chosen for the design of the object pentagon shape, which caused a stylized combinatorial element.

I used black and gold colors as the main. A black color is considered a symbol of something unknown. It mysterious, sacred and noble color. A gold symbolizes warmth, sunlight, wealth, beauty, elegance and luxury. The complex is a combination of black and gold is a symbol of prestige, and design objects, designed with the use of these colors often look creative, noble and stylish.

In order to determine the layout design we did a clause object: top view, separately made drawings of the layout of the constants, as well as a visual perspective and color. When decorating elements of the layout I used gold outline for aesthetic view and chose a point as a graphical tool to give a smooth forms.

The final version of the design is the layout, which is a wall lamp, a chandelier of a night lamp, which during the day will be an original element of interior decoration, and at night will illuminate the interior.

I am very grateful to the Institute of Trade, Customer Services and Tourism, teachers of the Department of Design for the opportunity to realize my creative abilities, test myself.

I was lucky to meet interesting, unconventional and creative people in Kherson. I saw their original approach and lateral thinking during the task complete. Despite two samples of the Scythian animal style, there was no similar work, and there were more than 50 works. My work was awarded with the Diploma for the originality of the presentation of the design-project. The days spent in Kherson gave me an unforgettable professional experience.”

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