Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

“And your immortal feat will be in our hearts forever …”

On May 6, 2016, the festive concert dedicated to the Victory Day took place at LNU.

There are special events in the history of the country, which everyone should know and remember because they combine different generations to be proud of their country and to feel their involvement in its past.

The joy of victory is one at all, but the memory of the war is different in every family. Personal memories of the war will be alive until witnesses, our relatives, who lived this war and now transmit to us the memory of it, will be alive.

Among us there are people who know the war not according to movies and books. We call them veterans…

71 years ago, they were young, like us, full of hopes and expectations … And we are very pleased to celebrate the Victory Day together with war veterans, participants of military operations, children of war.

Rector of University of Luhansk, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Serhii Viktorovych Savchenko expressed words of gratitude and congratulations to the veterans on Victory Day.

The war in 1941 broke into the youth of our grandfathers and great grandfathers like a black tornado. Every family and every home suffered from that terrible war…

The was did not pass by Starobilsk. On July 12, 1942 Nazis occupied the city. Half the inhabitants of the city have experienced the horrors of occupation. But young people were not obeyed, they struggled, pasted leaflets about the events at the front.

It is difficult to tell about the war. Only a song can explain something. The great performance of songs by O. Verkhovod, S. Sergienko, M. Tretyak, E. Nesterenko, V.Teterev about the war have left nobody indifferent, who came to the university to see the concert. Thanking to their acting skills the public was able to imagine the events of that terrible time and feel a small part of the pain of participants in the war.

In 1943 Starobilsk was the first liberated Ukrainian city and remained the informal capital of Ukraine until liberation of Kharkiv.

The 5th Guards Regiment covered the city and the railway station, through which hundreds of trains went to the front. One of the airfields located in the village of Polovynkyne that housed the second squadron. Those brave pilots became the prototypes of the main characters of the interesting movie “Only Old People Are Going to Battle” (1974). “Smuglyanka” performed by Volodymyr Radchenko reminded the moments of this wonderful film.

During the war every sixth citizen of Ukraine was killed. Participants and guests of the concert paid tribute to those killed during the war and those who did not live up to today’s celebration by a minute of silence.

Now we feel joy and pain of Victory. Unfortunately, it happened that these feelings are close to us now more than ever. Previously, our generation heard an explosion, saw the weapon and death only in movies, on television, and now all this is happening to us actually. So today we all understand that peaceful life costs very expensive.

Seventy-first spring congratulates all those who survived the war and all of us on Victory Day! It welcomes and reminds of the horrors of war and orders to protect the peaceful sky.

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