Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Volunteer work

Students-volunteers of Starobilsk Humanitarian Pedagogical College of LNU arranged the grave of Doctor of Pedagogical sciences, Professor Yakov Borysovych Reznik.

Volunteer work in the lives of the college students is one of the most important areas of work. It lasts throughout the year. Help for veterans of the Pedagogical Institute, numerous charity events for members of the armed forces of Ukraine, participation in the activities for children of internally displaced persons, charitable aid for victims of the explosion at the military warehouse in Svatovo – all these deeds are only a part of a large work that is done by students-volunteers.

Initiators of volunteer work, students of the group PO-2 (9) Inna Boyko and Olena Chursina say: “We understand that today’s reality demands our indifferent complicity in good works, so we are always ready to help.”

In these days, the college students take part in greeting the veterans of war and labor on May holidays. On May 4, 2016 volunteers landscaped the grave of Doctor of Pedagogical sciences, Professor Yakov Borysovych Reznik, who is buried in the cemetery on Vatutin square. It is known that Yakov Reznik was the first Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences in Ukraine, worked at the Starobilsk Pedagogical Institute during 1949- 1952 as a lecturer at the Department of Pedagogy. The students-volunteers have been taking care of the grave of Yakov Borysovych for several years. They consider it a matter of honor.

We are sure that the experience of volunteering will be a valuable asset in the process of professional formation of students.

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