Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The expeditionary trip

In the last days of April, teachers of the Department of Biology committed an expeditionary trip to the Poltava region.


The diverse flora and fauna of wetlands and swamps always attracted the attention of biologists. So, in late April 2016, Head of the Department of Biology Natalia Matsai and teachers of the same Department Galyna Yevtushenko and Serhii Lytvynenko gladly went to the expeditionary trip to the bog in the Poltava region.

The marsh areas occupy a considerable territory In Ukraine. Thus, in the Poltava region wetlands and bogs cover more than 500 km2. Bog – a unique natural complex, its formation depends on surface water and groundwater. They participate in formation of the specific soil, vegetation and microclimate conditions.

In such places it is formed a kind of plant life, which is a combination of various environmental groups and life forms. The composition of these environmental groups includes trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, mosses, lichens. That is why research of these areas is very interesting for botanists. The wildlife of marshes is very amazing, where zoologists constantly make small discoveries. One cannot ignore a very great importance of hunting swamp, so these areas need protection.

The fate of the magical world of plants and animals of the unique natural complex of Poltava region is in the hands of people. We hope that Poltava citizens will save this treasure of nature for future generations in its original form.

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