Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Happy Victory Day!

Congratulations from the Chairman of the Supervisory Council of LNU, People’s deputy of Ukraine Vitalii Semenovych Kurylo.

Ukraine started a new tradition of celebrating May 8 and 9 in the European spirit of remembrance and reconciliation. Many years have passed since a memorable May 1945, but even today the magnificent feat of defenders and liberators remains an inexhaustible source of patriotism, faithful service to people.

In these glorious days, we remember all those people, whose lives were taken by the war, bow low and tribute to veterans who carried on their shoulders the burden of war and raised the country from the ruins of the war. We praise those who worked selflessly in the home front and brought closer the enemies defeat.

I congratulate all those who have passed through the fire of war, as well as faculty, staff and students of LNU on Victory Day. I wish you good health, family well-being, long years of happy and peaceful life.

Yours respectfully
Chairman of the Supervisory Council of LNU
People’s deputy of Ukraine
Vitalii Kurylo

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