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Draw in Favor of the IPES

The most intriguing competitions in the “Tournament of four” were mini-football games.

Each match was unpredictable, and the decisive fight of the tournament was “Alma-Mater” against the team of IPES courses. Prior to that, each of these teams during the academic year became a winner of mini-football competitions. How it will be this time? The personal game of the teams had to give an answer.

During the first match, “Alma-Mater” made their fans nervous several times because in the second minute they lost with a score of 2:0.  First Vlad Gorohovatskyh goaled and later Eugen Masliyov did. Only in the fifth minute, Oleksadr Sylkin opened the gate of Serhii Sklyar, who played well in this tournament and in many cases protected the gate. The teams went at the break with an equal score of 2:2.

In the second half, the experience took over and the players of “Alma-Mater” won with a score of 5:4.

The same score was in the match where “Alma-Mater” played against the youngest team “The combined team of colleges”. Therefore, the winners came in the main match against IPES with 100 percent result.

The IPES also started the tournament with confident. The main advantage of the team is its speed and good ball possession, if this does not interfered by the opponent. In the first fight, IPES won the youth “The combined team of colleges” confidently with a score of 6:1. Here Maksym Reshetnyak and Mykhailo Nosal scored four goals, and Artem Skachkov and Dmytro Karpenko scored two goals.

The only goal in reply Eugene Korochansky spent. In the match against the “Univer” IPES left their gate “clean”, scoring in the opponent’s gate four goals.

“The combined team of colleges” against the “Univer” – it was a battle for the third place in the standings. Here the team “Univer” had a better position in the tournament table thanking to a better difference between the hammered and passed balls.

“The combined team of colleges” started the game and won the first half with a score of 3:1. Later Gorohovatsky and Masliyov equalized the score, but two minutes before the final whistle Eugene Korochansky scored the winning goal and outputted the “Combined team of colleges” on the third place.

The main match “IPES” – “Alma-mater” started with cautious actions of the players of both teams. They tried to keep the ball for a long time, looking for weak points in the defense of the opponents and forcing them to make mistakes. IPES first lost vigilance. Already in the third minute, the rapid breakthrough of Pavel Dudnik reached the goal.

The account was opened in favor of “Alma-mater.” Moreover, in the ninth minute the goalkeeper of “Alma-mater” Petro Yaroshenko scored a goal. The first half of the game finished with a score of 2:0 in favor of “Alma-mater”.

The second half was started by attacks of IPES but “Alma-mater” played well on the counterattack.

The match ended with the score of 2:2. This draw brought the team of IPES to the first place thanking to the better difference of balls. “Alma-mater” took the second place. The best scorer of the tournament was Oleksandr Sylkin (eight goals). In addition, Artem Skachkov was recognized as the best player.


Sports season of the academic year 2015-2016 at the university finished. We defined the main problem in the competition. It is judging. The sports clubs and IPES have to solve this problem.

Director of the Sports club
P. Yaroshenko

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