Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Intrigue of the Basketball Tournament

Basketball was the second kind of the competitions “Tournament of Four”. Its main intrigue became the match between the teams “IPES” and “Alma-Mater”.

It was interesting if the students will be able to impose their fast game for more experienced players to take revenge for the defeat in the championship. Both teams came to the last game with 100 percent result. “IPES” confidently beat “Combined team of colleges” 31:22, and then they beat the team “Univer” with a score of 34:6. The most active players were Dmytro Karpenko, Oleksandr Kava and Oleksiy Senyuk. The team played fast and therefore took the initiative and did not give any chance to its rival.

The team “Alma-Mater” had another tactic of playing. The main thing was a secure hold of the ball and accurate throws in the opponent’s basket with different distances. Such tactic brought victory too. First they won the team “Univer” with a score of 44:26, and then won the “Combined team of colleges” with a score of 34:28.

The main fight began with active actions of “Alma-Mater” players. During the first minutes, they seized the initiative, firmly holding the ball, bringing their captain Eugen Reshetilo to the rival’s basket. During the first quarter, Eugen sketched 12 points and made a significant bid for the top scorer of the tournament. The successful first quarter of the team “Alma-Mater” (19:2) confused young players of “IFVS”, who could no longer recover until the end of the game and lost with a score of 44:25.


The match of the teams “Univer” and “Combined team of Colleges” had to give an answer who will be the third on the podium. The players of “Univer” started very fast but they had not enough fuse until the end of the game. Artem Popov, Volodymyr Sokyrko and Yevgen Bosenko made many mistakes. But the players of the “Combined team of Colleges” first leveled the game, and in the fourth quarter completely outplayed the opponent and won with a score of 28:13. They took the third place in the tournament.

The best bombardier was Eugen Reshetilo (54 points), and the best player became Dmytro Karpenko.


Head of the Sport club
Petro Yaroshenko

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