Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

“Book to the East”

The All-Ukrainian charity event  “Book to the East” has been conducted in Starobilsk.

On March 27 Research Library became richer with new books. Project “Book to the East” is implemented within Ukrainian Confidence Building Initiative (UCBI) with financial support from the USA Agency for International Development (USAID).

The volunteers presented regional libraries including the one of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University a considerable amount of scientific and imaginative literature including the works of Ukrainian classics and contemporaries.

Classics: I. Bahrianyi “Tigrolovy. Sad Hetsymanskyi” (eng. Tiger trappers), M. Vinhranovskyi “Selected Works”, M. Khvylovyi “Selected Works”, collection of works by Ivan Le in 4 volumes, V. Symonenko “Selected Works”, Lesia Ukrainka “Unforgettable Masterpieces: Poetry, Drama”.

Variety of modern poetry and prose: M. Matios “Dvi tony naikrashchoi molodoi poezii” (eng. Two Thousands of the Best Young Poetry), “Molodaia natsiia: almanakh” (eng. Young Nation: Almanac).

Children’s literature:  A. Movchun “Shkolnyi teatr: pesy-skazki” (eng. School Theater: Plays-Tales), V. Zakhabura “Oi, tolko, iki kak popast vprosak?” (eng. Oh, Just, or How to be Trapped?).

There are tutorial books be useful for future teachers: A. Haishut “Po stupenkam k razvitiiu vnimaniia, pamiati, lohiki” (eng. Attention, Memory and Logic Improvement by Stages), S. Lohachevska “Uchimsia reshat zadachi, 2 kl.” (eng. Study Solving Problems, 2 form), “Uchimsia reshat zadachi, 3 kl.” (eng. Study Solving Problems, 3 form).

This is not the whole list of presented literature. We hope that such action will be of long standing and will replenish our library book fund.

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